Bizarre Stories from the World of Strange and Unexplained Phenomena

COAST TO COAST AM – Host of The Paranormal Podcast, Jim Harold, shared some of his latest stories from the world of the strange and unexplained. A woman named Nicki told him about a visit she and her husband made to the Stanley Hotel (the site for the movie The Shining). The TVs in the rooms play the Kubrick film on a continuous loop, and they particularly wanted to see the part with the “creepy twins,” so they left the room for a bit. When they returned, the broadcast became stuck on a freeze frame of the identical girls. Upon calling down to the desk, they discovered it was only their room’s TV where this malfunction occurred. Then at 2:17 am, Nicki awoke to hear the sound of two young voices laughing outside her door. She thought it odd that children would be up so late.

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