Channeling Spirit – Changes in 2018 – Coming into your personal Power – with Medium Kim Babcock

When change presents itself to you, welcome it with an open heart. 2018 will offer space for many personal changes in our lives, as more and more of us allowed our true self to surface. Our personal wants, and desires will more closely dictate our actions this year, allowing change to take hold, and transform our lives. The things we’ve been longing for personally for some time, will be achievable this year as these changes occur.

Allow your true self to shine things year, as change runs it course through you.


Throughout Kim’s life, curiosity has been a motivating force for her personal growth.

She’s deeply passionate about differences and exposing the beauty of adversity in the world.

Her curiosity in people, cultures, beliefs, religions , new places and new faces, have been revolutionary in her spiritual growth.

Within this growth, she’s developed an inner fortress, a place of pure bliss, that is untouchable to the outside world. Kim uses her spiritual growth and perspectives to foster that same inner bliss, in others.

We are all amazing beings, we all exist among the same Universal pool of life, and Kim’s goal is to help
everyone realize that !

As a medium and spiritual coach, Kim is inspired to share her abilities to improve the lives of others. She shares perspectives, and teachings of the light, to encourage spiritual awakening among everyone she come in contact with.

As a speaker, an author, and an intuitive coach, Kim’s goal is to trigger divine remembrance within others, to return to the heart centered way of life, and realize self mastery.

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