Eden | Award Winning Sci-Fi Short Film

Thousands of years after Earth is able to sustain life again, a young woman lands on the planet’s surface alone. She adapts to the unfamiliar planet but yearns for human interaction unsure if she’s the first to land or the last.

Cast: Emma Liegler, George Anagnostou, Lora Overton, and Sean Burgos
Written & Directed by: Brodin Plett
Producers: Wesley Yen & Dru Sansenbach
Cinematographer: Nico Aguil
Production Design: Corinne DeLouise
Editor: Joe Booroojian
Sound Designer: Taylor Scherer
Composer: Ryan Stratton

-MPSE Golden Reel Awards
– NOMINEE: Best Sound Editing – Student
-Sydney Indie Film Festival
– NOMINEE: Best Science Fiction
– NOMINEE: Best Cinematography
-Top Shorts
– WINNER: Best Student Film
– WINNER: Best Cinematography
-WorldFest Film Festival
– WINNER: Best Student Film
-Paris Art and Movie Awards
– NOMINEE: Best Student Film
– NOMINEE: Best Cinematography

-San Diego Comic Con Film Festival
-San Pedro International Film Festival
-Fargo Fantastic Film Festival
-Lone Star Film Festival
-Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival
-Durban International Film Festival
-Riverside International Film Festival
-Crossroads Film Festival
-HollyShorts Film Festival
-Byron Bay Film Festival
-Irvine International Film Festival
-San Jose International Short Film Festival
-Cayman Islands Film Festival
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