From Galileo to Isaac Newton Featuring Paul Sutter

Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer, and a key figure in the 17th-century scientific revolution. How were Kepler and Galileo connected? How much did they provide one of the foundations for Isaac Newton’s theory of universal gravitation? John Michael Godier is joined in this bonus clip by Paul Sutter of the Ask A Spaceman Youtube Channel.

Do We Live In An Infinite Universe? Featuring Paul Sutter:

Paul M. Sutter’s channel:

Paul Sutter’s Book “Your Place in the Universe: Understanding Our Big, Messy Existence” :

How the search for a unified theory stumped Einstein to his dying day:

Galileo Galilei: Biography, Inventions & Other Facts:

Johannes Kepler: Unlocking the Secrets of Planetary Motion:

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