Khufu: The King that is Lost to History – Builder of ‘The Great Pyramid?

The greatest of ALL the #Ancient monuments and the only one still standing, #TheGreatPyramid has been linked with the #Pharaoh #Khufu despite a lack of evidence to back up the claim, it would appear that #Egyptology have attempted to force fit a timeline of #History and in doing so have hindered our understanding

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Translated Inventory Stela text reads: “Khufu, who is given life. He found the house of Isis, Mistress of the Pyramid, beside the house of the Sphinx on the north-west of the house of Osiris, Lord of Rosta. He built his pyramid beside the temple of this goddess, and he built a pyramid for the king’s-daughter beside this temple.” – The Satellite Pyramids next to ‘The Great Pyramid

We're imprisoned by our generational culture, religion, patriotism that have been passed on mindlessly, humanity is one - unless we get rid of the old mind, we'll forever be a divided bunch that can be preyed on.

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