Use my link or text isaac to 500-500 Teleportation is a staple of science fiction, and today we will examine the idea to see if there are any ways under known science that might permit it, as well as discuss some novel uses for the technology that tend to be overlooked.

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Markus Junnikkala, “Mobilize the Fleets”
Markus Junnikkala,
“A Proud and Noble People”
Dexter Britain, “The Stars Are Out Interlude”
Kai Engel, “Snowfall Intro”
Koalips, “Kvazar”
Denny Schneidemesser, “Across the Universe”

This channel focuses on exploring concepts in science with an emphasis on futurism and space exploration, along with a healthy dose of science fiction. While we explore many concepts and technologies that are far beyond us now, we try to keep everything inside the bounds of known science or major theories.

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